Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comfort Television

Dear John,

This was one of those days to curl up in a fetal position and whimper - except that I curled up with the dog. I didn't get to church - got up and dressed, but couldn't do it after all. Social contact with small numbers of people is good right now, but I just couldn't handle that many people at one time.  I'm just not ready yet. TV was awful - it's not football season yet - so I watched ID all day. And cuddled with the dog. And kept forgetting to eat, which is probably the best thing about today. I can always stand to miss a meal or three. 

My new Facebook post is depressing. I asked the local people to recommend a monument company that does good work for a reasonable price. It won't be long before the ground is firm enough to place one. I'm going to get one that will be for both of us - you on the right and me on the left, as always! Except our wedding night, when we went to bed with me on the right, and you pushed me out on the floor in the middle of the night. Who knew how funny that would get over the years? Remembering it just gave me the first laugh I've had today. As you said at that night, at least we could be certain that both of us had always slept alone! I'm sleeping alone again now, but I'm well-trained - I always stay on my side of the bed. 

Wishing you were still on your side of the bed,

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