Monday, April 30, 2012

Sleeping With a Neurotic Dog

Dear John,

I had a much better day today, which is surprising since it started with a thunderstorm at 3 AM that had me up for 2 hours. Jethro kept jumping on the bed - landing on me, of course - and pacing. He had to pace between my head and the headboard, which included stepping on my head. The only position he would be still in was sitting on my head. Honestly. He wouldn't sit or lie down next to me, didn't want to hang out in the closet, couldn't do anything reasonably normal. He'd pace a few times then sit on my head. So I slept a good bit of the night with the dog sitting on my head. Since I sleep on my side, it was rather comfortable - much better than being stepped or jumped on.

After work I saw Galen and signed the new will, advance directives, power of attorney, and health care power of attorney. He witnessed that I was of sound mind even after I told him that I'd slept part of the night with the dog sitting on my head. I suppose that's the advantage of being friends with your attorney. He had one of his usual terrible jokes - I know how much you've always enjoyed them. Where do one-legged waitresses work? At  I-HOP, of course. Classic Galen. You've got to love it. 

It rained last night and most of today, and the basement is dry as a bone. Thank you so much for getting the sump pump put in! I appreciate all the hard work you did to give us a dry basement. 

That's all the news - I suppose that's enough for one day! 

Love you with all my heart,

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