Friday, April 27, 2012

To Grandpa

Dear John,

Today's news is mostly about grand-kids. 

The bad news: Danica has pneumonia. Bless her, you and I both know how bad she feels!

The good news: Elyssa lost her first tooth this evening. I was on the phone with Jen when Elyssa wiggled it out. There was a great quantity of grunting in the background, which turned out to be about trying to get up the courage to pull it out. She ended up pulling it out herself, with no help from Jen. Be proud of her - she's getting to be such a big girl!

I got things changed over with Verizon this morning. We'll end up saving about $150 a month - down to one line, fewer minutes, more texts. They were very nice and helpful about changing our contract. I went to the new one near Wal-Mart. And I took my lens prescription in today. For trifocals, even Lenscrafters take two weeks. But with the insurance and basic frames, they only cost $70.  That's with lines, but I'll be wearing contacts most of the time so the lines won't matter. The insurance won't last long enough to cover the contacts, so I may wait a couple of months for those. Trifocal contacts won't be cheap, and waiting won't be a problem, especially since I'll have glasses. No more balancing two different strengths of reading glasses on my head at work! How long did it take you to get used to trifocals? I seem to remember that you loved them from the first. I'm looking forward to getting them. 

That's all the news. You've been gone for two weeks today - I have good moments and bad moments. For your sake, I don't want you back and sick. For my sake, I'll join you as soon as the Lord allows!

I love you so very much,

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