Friday, May 4, 2012

Adventures with Insurance

Dear John,

I got a jolt at the post office today - not the usual thing in Topeka. You might get caught up with the news, have a good chat with friends, but not get jolted. 

We got two letters in today's mail, one from Anthem and one from Goshen Hospital, both saying your health insurance was cancelled on February 1st - and an Explanation of Benefits from Anthem that showed them paying claims through April 13th. I got it all settled with 15 minutes of phone calls - two to Erin in St. Louis and two to the hospital financial department. It turns out that somebody at Anthem entered your date of death as 1/31 instead of 4/13. Don't ask me how.

Erin caught the mistake last week, called them, and was told it would be corrected immediately. Obviously is wasn't. So both she and her supervisor called them today and pinned some ears back - told them that I was a new widow and didn't need or deserve stress like this. The hospital will check on Monday and let me know if it's still wrong. If it is, I predict bloodshed. 

Bless Erin, she's wonderful! After all the time you spent talking to her since July, she misses you and cares about me. And it is good to have somebody in the corporate Benefits Department that cares. I am more and more impressed with Panera. Neither of us has ever had a job that would have done so much for us. That means I can eat shortbread cookies with a clear conscience, right? 

I had breakfast at the Mishawaka Panera the day I took Jen to the airport. I haven't been to the Goshen Panera yet - which means I've had no raisin bread in weeks. I'm not quite ready to walk in there yet. I'm used to seeing you smiling at me from behind the counter when I walk in the door. No, not quite ready for that yet. But I will be someday. Then I'll eat raisin bread again. 

I love you so much - even more than raisin bread!

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