Saturday, May 12, 2012

And Granite is Good

Dear John,

Today's been busy but sedentary - I was ready for it! I spent the morning dealing with finances and legal things and such, and the afternoon and evening writing thank-you notes. I'm slowly chipping away at the to-do list - it feels really good. After next Tuesday almost everything should be done. (Tuesday I'll be camping out at the Social Security Office in Elkhart, filing for death benefits and stopping your disability. Then I'll go down the street to Inova. I'll take lots of knitting with me.)

It's amazing what a relief it is to have our headstone taken care of. I think I've been dreading that. It turned out to not be bad at all, and I'm not sure why. Maybe because my name is on it, too. I was picking out my own headstone. And it's a very visible, tangible reminder that I'll end up beside you again. It was good to look at the computer rendering and see our names together. I would have liked to have him put in my date of death sometime next week, but as I've said, Jen won't allow it. We'll just have to wait for each other. What we go through for the children!

Looking forward to sleeping beside you again,

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