Thursday, May 3, 2012

At Peace and Sunburned

Dear John,

I'm sunburned. I was on the way to visit you today and spent 20 minutes stopped for a train at the inner track. So I rolled the windows down, cranked Robert Johnson up on the CD player, turned off the car, and enjoyed the sun and the music. I was in the sun when I was visiting with you, too. So I'm quite pink tonight. 

It's so nice where you are - quiet and green, like Bob Crachitt said about Tiny Tim's grave. I brought you a surprise today: a small stone marker that the funeral home gave us. It will be there until I get a monument put up, then I'll bring it home and find a special place in the garden for it. It was wonderful sitting there on the ground with you - I prayed the Akathist for a Loved One Who Has Fallen Asleep while I was there, and just chatted with you. But I'm being a ninny, because you know all of this already. After all, you were there!

Elsie called today - we both had the same plan in mind. We will have the 40-Day Prayers for you and Dick on the same Sunday, and the closest one is May 20th. She didn't know that the 20th would be our 34th anniversary. It will be special and painful, and Elsie and I will go through it together which will be wonderful. It was good to talk to her while I was searching Kroger for the Banquet Turkey Pot Pies. (I never did find them - had to ask somebody after I was off the phone. It's a good meal for 85 cents.)

So tonight I'm at peace and sunburned - both from visiting you. Who knew that would happen?

I can't wait until I'm there, too, sleeping next to you by the creek. Until then, sleep well!

Love you, love you, love you,

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