Thursday, May 31, 2012

Computer Round Robin

Dear John,

As you can see, I have a computer! You're getting the first message from a brand new laptop. This is part of the furniture round-robin that's going on here. The old computer is in the big corner computer cabinet that can't come out of the office without being taken apart; the office is becoming Elyssa's room; she'll start first grade in the fall; her birthday is in July - the solution is obvious. The old computer will be her birthday present. I got a new laptop and smaller printer for the office area I'm creating in our bedroom. I took the computer in today for them to transfer everything to the laptop.

While Microsource was setting up the laptop I did some shopping. I went to Walmart and got desks for Jen's room and mine. I went to Kohl's and got 3 tops and a skirt, all 30% off. I went to Staples and got an $89 printer, ink, and some desk organizers. I had a junior cheeseburger for $1 at Wendy's. I went to Panera for a cookie and to take back the new management shirt you never had the chance to wear. I think there was something else but my brain is too tired to come up with it.

I ran into two of your ICU nurses in Panera - it was so good to see them. I really do miss everybody. When Kirby goes in for chemo I find myself getting all sentimental and wistful because he and Kathy get to spend all day in the infusion room. But it is me we're talking about here. I feel more at home in a hospital - any hospital - than I do anywhere other than home. That may be because I've spent more time in hospitals than anywhere other than home. Whatever my pathology may be, I really do miss the people in ICU and the Cancer Center. There are people I'd love to see again at IU Methodist, too. So many people have been so kind to us.

Do you realize my accident was a year ago today? And what a year it's been - I wouldn't have minded missing all of this. But my survival was a miracle, so I know it's right for me to be here. I'm glad I was here for you this year, so I give thanks for your sake, if not for mine. I can't say if it feels like a year, or more, or less, because time still has no meaning for me. And after all, I did have a brain injury!

I have a wet dog climbing all over me - we're finally getting some rain. Don't worry, the basement is fine. I need go. I love you so, so much! I looked at your picture this evening and had the feeling that you loved what I'd done with the bedrooms and were proud of me for getting Jen's desk put together. Thank you for that!

Love you,

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