Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Dear John,

A long workday today - almost 8 hours. I got a lot accomplished and had a good day, then came home and crashed with the dog. 

I got 4 hours sleep last night - it's your fault, for not being here. I went to bed around 11, was still awake at 12 so I took Benadryl, was still awake at 3. This morning I discovered I hadn't taken my fibromyalgia pills at bedtime - no wonder I was awake at 3 and hurt all day. If you'd been here you'd have asked me at midnight if I'd taken my pills. See what trouble I can get into without you? 

Going down CR 42 on the way to work, I saw dicotyledons on both sides of the road. (I always loved being married to somebody that I could talk to about dicotyledons. Normal people just say the corn is coming up. It was wonderful to live with another biology major, and talk about dicotyledons and platyhelminthes and sodium/potassium pumps and other fun and lovely things.) I also saw a very new colt - you'd have loved it. It was trying to figure out what to do with those legs, just like you always said. We've had such a beautiful spring. I wouldn't mind a few nights without storms, though.

In spite of last night, I'm doing a fairly good job of looking after myself. It was just so much more fun with you. Life had meaning with you here - now it's just something to get done with. Spring is still beautiful but it doesn't really matter anymore. I just keep trudging on because I have no choice. If I did, I'd choose to go with you.

Love you so, so much,

PS - Spellcheck tried to change platyhelminthes to plainclothesmen. DYAC. 

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