Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hanging Out at the BMV

Dear John,

It's still raining - sounds lovely, basement is dry, dish is out. The rain held off until after NCIS - so nice of the universe!

I got a lot done again today. This morning I went to the funeral home, paid them, picked up the death certificates, and picked up your favorite turquoise shirt. I'd hoped they could use that one, but they had to use the long-sleeved one instead because of the IV bruises on your arms. After all, we didn't want folks thinking you'd been in a bar fight! 

Then I went up to LaGrange, paid the property taxes, and spent the rest of the afternoon at the BMV. First - since I finally got the death certificates - I got the car titles changed from both of our names into my name only. Then I renewed both car registrations, and renewed my driver's license. 

I have some much-needed social time scheduled, with Kathy tomorrow and Audora next week. I am so ready for it. Jethro is good company but is lacking in conversational skills. And I've discovered that too much time alone isn't good for me. Being alone is a luxury only when it's a choice. There can be too much of it, even for an introverted hermit like me. 

I wish I was hermitting with you - we were always so happy just being together, no matter what we were doing. "Alone" means something very different now - no longer just the state of being by myself at the moment, but something ontological. That's emotion and not reality. But emotions are real, too, aren't they? 

Love you so, so much,

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