Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Tummy is Broken

Dear John,

It was a good day until about 2 pm. Then Tummy Virus Part 2 started. I have too much to do; I don't have time for this. But my GI system just doesn't care about my schedule.

I was watching an NCIS marathon tonight. You would have loved it - they showed Kill Screen twice. I got to see Gibbs shoot up the mainframe two times in one day. You would have been so happy. 

You have no idea how glad I've always been that you didn't like chick flicks - just as glad as you were that I didn't like action/adventure films. We had the same taste in TV and movies, overlooking your thing for Japanese monster movies and underappreciation of Charlie Chan. You're the only guy I dated that liked sports, so of course I had to marry you. Your favorite was baseball and mine was football, but since we're Cubs fans it was never a problem - meaningful baseball never conflicted with football season. When I fell in love with a show I was always afraid you'd hate it, but you loved them all - NCIS, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Bones, Dr. G - we sound pretty sick, don't we? If you'd wanted a man cave, you'd have had to share it with me. Sort of like that couple on Psych that turned out to both be closet geeks. Except that we never tried to hide our geekness, from each other or from anybody else. As Jeannie put it once, I have a masculine brain. And thank goodness you didn't want a girly-girl! I wanted you and you wanted me. And that never changed.

Thank you for wanting me just as I am. Still wanting you,

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  1. You two were meant to be together...I knew it the first time I met you both. Someday, you will be together again.