Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On Commercials and COBRA

Dear John,

The house is clean! I'm having a hard time getting that done since I'm not doing it for you any more, but Audora came over today, so I had enough motivation. It looks live-in-able. And we had a wonderful time. It did me so much good to talk to her. And she's the only person I know that's had as rough a year as I have. And she brought chocolate pudding, of course. 

I was watching TV late tonight - 2 old episodes of Big Bang Theory, to recover from the new Criminal Minds episode. (It was good, but not one I wanted to go to bed by myself right after.) Anyway, the commercials were tough tonight. First, the romantic what-to-get-your-wife-for-Mother's-Day ones are out in full force. Second, it's the start of summer so they're advertising the romantic movies that are coming out. Not fun. But I did see one that surprised me - a commercial for Channel #5. I didn't know they even made it these days. What a blast from the past. 

I'm off to bed with a scratchy throat - just started hurting when I swallow. 

Oh, first, some surprisingly good news! I got the COBRA paperwork yesterday. It turns out that I can COBRA for 3 years since the insurance was lost by death instead of quitting or getting fired. And this makes no sense, but I won't argue: You know when we both were on it last time it was $1200 a month for 2 of us; now it will be $400 a month for just me. Whether the difference is because it is Panera or because it is Anthem, I don't know. Personally, my money would be on Panera being the good guy here, not Anthem, but I do have a slight bias. So I wanted you to know that I will have decently-priced insurance available for 3 years. So you don't have to worry about that - I'll be fine in that area. I've always been glad you worked for Panera, but I keep finding more and more reasons for that. I'm so thankful that Melinda and I went into the one in Mishawaka that day, and I wrote down the web address on the "hiring" sign. Now I just have to get myself to go in and buy raisin bread - still not quite ready to go back. 

Now I really am off to bed, still with the sore throat. I'll try to rest it and not talk in my sleep!

Love you so much,

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