Thursday, May 17, 2012


Dear John,

I'm feeling a bit better. I only threw up once today - tried solid food too soon. And Zofran is helping the nausea. I'm having a full-blown fibro flare, which I usually do when I'm sick. I did get to Fastlane for Gatorade today. I had that and instant oatmeal all day, except the one ill-advised foray into soup and half a sandwich. I spent the day on the couch and slept about half the day. The rest of the time I could get either NCIS, Burn Notice, or Big Bang Theory, so the day went by fast. 

I really have to get to work tomorrow - please pray for me. I still feel pretty bad. And I miss you so much. It was great having Gatorade today, but having you would have made me feel even better.

I love you so very much,

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