Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spiders, Jeans, and The Big Bang Theory

Dear John,

WHERE were you this morning? There was a huge hairy spider in the shower with me - it must have been at least a quarter inch across. I couldn't reach it safely, but you're taller - you could have gotten it and rescued me. No telling where it is now. It will probably eat me in my sleep.

I had a good time eating ice cream with you again today. I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer - I was getting sunburned and still had grocery shopping to do, and I didn't get home until 7. I never want to leave when I come to see you.

It's Tuesday - NCIS night - and I actually turned away from it tonight. It was the one that opened with Gibbs dreaming about being with Shannon. The look of pain on his face, when he realized he was dreaming and she was really still dead, was more than I could handle. So I went to TBS for a Big Bang Theory marathon - a good antidote to so much pain. I feel better now. 

The dog doesn't. Tonight I got your socks out to donate and Jethro is quite upset about where Daddy's socks are going. He is having a hard time watching your clothes leave the house. So am I, but I can be ruthless when it's necessary. Yesterday, though, I did decide that I absolutely have to keep your jeans. Your jeans, your turquoise polo shirt, and your house slippers aren't going anywhere. I'll probably put them in the cedar chest with my wedding dress.

I'm managing. But I'd rather be with you. Love you so much,

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