Sunday, May 6, 2012


Dear John,

It's Sunday, and my first one back to church. It was good to be there, but sad to be there without you. After the Liturgy I ended up in the fellowship hall at the Widows' Table - Mary Jo, Barbara, Elsie, and me - talking about all the stuff there is to do these days after a death. It felt good to have that group, and odd to be a card-carrying member now. 

I talked to Father in the parking lot (and got sunburned again). He misses you a lot - misses having you serving at the altar, but he misses talking to you more. He loved you very much. I think it would have been much easier for him to have lost me (in the accident last summer) than to lose you. I've always told you that you weren't allowed to predecease me, but no - you paid no attention to that! Husbands seldom seem to listen to that particular instruction.

I came home and relaxed - put Season 7 of NCIS on the DVD player and curled up with the dog. We're heading off to bed now, to get as much sleep as we can. Storms are predicted tonight, and it feels like they're coming. I wonder if Jethro will want to sit on my head again. If so, I should be able to sleep through some of the storms. You really should see it.

We both miss you. I got lots of hugs at church today, and realized how hug-starved I am without you. Jethro sitting on my head is small compensation, for him or me! I miss your long arms.

Sleep good - there will be no storms where you are. Love you,

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