Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Dear John,

I'm sick. Tummy virus. Upper and lower. It hit about 4 this afternoon. I'm finally keeping liquids down - I found one last Sun Drop in the fridge - remember when you found them at Wal-Mart and got me some? I hadn't seen one since I moved north in 1968. I hope to be tummy-stable enough to go get some Gatorade in the morning. 

This is my first time of being sick when living by myself. I don't recommend it. It's lousy. But you've been looking after me again: Sun Drop, all those little bags of Baked Lays that you had - that's all I've been able to keep down. I've learned something today, though. You know it's always been a rule: keep Benadryl and Immodium in the house because when you need them you can't go get them. I'll have to add Gatorade to that list. I've needed it, and absolutely can't go get it. Thank you for the Sun Drop and Baked Lays! I'm going to have some warm liquid Jello in bed tonight - I have your mother to thank for teaching me that. What would my life be without you?

I got a lot done before I started throwing up. I got through the list of phone calls I had to make, mostly about medical bills. All of them had recently been paid (even the anesthesia bill from last fall) except the last ambulance run, and they just needed our insurance information. Everybody I talked to was so nice to me. Maybe Jen's right: being newly-widowed gives you a free pass. No surprise there - she's always right. We raised her well, didn't we? 

I miss you tonight, in a different way. When I was sick you could always just touch me and I'd feel better. (I can hear the smart comment - I'm touched whether you're here or not!) I miss being looked after. Jethro has cuddled with me. But he can't drive or make liquid Jello for me, and he's just not you. Please do pray for me tonight! I hope this goes away quickly and quietly, and that I get some sleep tonight. 

Love you, miss you, so much,

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