Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Anniversary, Another Lawsuit

Dear John,

It's been two months today. It seems like 20 years. I know I'm having an issue with time, but really - only two months? Wow.

Another lawsuit - the more the merrier. I got a letter today from a law firm in response to my letter to a credit card telling them about your death, and that the will wasn't being probated because there were no assets.

Because of privacy laws and since the credit cards involved were in your name they can't tell me who they're representing, they can only tell you. I can take them to your grave and they can talk to you; I'll visit Kevin and listen in, since he's only two doors down. Think they'd go for that?

Anyway, I thought legal consultation was in order. Galen said since there really are no assets, all they can do is take me to court in LaGrange and try to get a lien on the house. But we have so little equity in it that they probably won't think it's worth their time and trouble.

(By the way, there's no more word about the lawsuit over the car accident last year. Allstate has that covered anyway.)

It's funny - a couple of years ago I would have been terribly upset about these things. Now I don't reallly care. What will happen will happen; I have a good attorney; the Lord will take care of me one way or another. But the real thing is that you're not here, so what does anything else matter? I'm acting like a grown-up and doing everything that needs to be done, but I can't make myself care about any of it. This planet has just lost all interest for me. (I hope I don't hurt it's feelings - it's nothing personal.)

It's no wonder I feel like it's been longer than two months - a lot has happened in that time. As Crash Davis said, we're dealing with a lot of stuff here. It's all working out, and this will too, eventually. In the meantime I will lose no sleep over lawsuits!

Love you, miss you, feel like it's been forever!

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