Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chess as a Sedative

Dear John,

I love you SOOOOO much! I couldn't wait to talk to you today.

I needed you last night. I had iced tea for dinner and a cup of chai at 9 PM, and was still wide awake at 2:30 AM - after Ambien, 50 mg of Benadryl, and Vicodin for the fibro. I needed you to talk to me about chess. Remember the first year we were married, when I was working 3rd shift? (as if you could forget The Hospital From Hell) When I'd come home wired and couldn't get to sleep, you'd lie down with me and tell me about chess matches. It always worked - I was asleep in 15 minutes. Your memory is amazing; it's really not normal to remember every move of hundreds of chess matches played over 50 years ago. I loved for you to tell me stories about simultaneous chess matches. And you were so glad to do it to help me get to sleep. I finally got to sleep last night by thinking about simultaneous chess matches. See what you've done to me?

This morning was wonderful. Lacey was baptized and had asked me to be her godmother, which I was thrilled and honored to to. I got teary standing beside her while she received communion for the first time; the look on Luke's face was wonderful. I remember watching you receive communion the first time. I always loved seeing that. I told both of them, and Luke's mom, how much you loved them. I think you and Luke could sit down and talk for 20 years straight. He misses you.

Oh, I did get an answer to the bat signal (you know - the one shaped like a plunger). Luke is going to help me put new toilets in, bless him. And Father is coming over to look at your books - I want him to have first dibs. He suggested that I put TDNT and TDOT in the church library. We may have to get a whole new bookshelf!

Jethro and I have had a restful evening, including a nap. Now The Glades is coming on, then we'll go to bed. Sleep well. And feel free to come and tell me about chess matches. Love you so much!

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