Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Demise of Microsoft Money

Dear John,

Reporting in: I got some rest today. June says Jethro is tremendously healthy. A good time was had by all at the vet. And Microsoft Money bit the dust.

Actually, it's doing okay in the old computer. But more and more parts of it are falling off now, since it's no longer supported. Only the shell would transfer to my new laptop. So I've spent the day setting up Quicken and hand-transferring six months of financial transactions into it.

The new checking account was easy - I worked from the check register. That's where the easy part ended. For the rest of it I had to set the laptop up next to the old monitor and transfer things that way. Between Quicken, Microsoft Money, and the bank, I had three programs running on two computers at the same time - one mouse and one touchpad - and no brain by the time I stopped at 10:30.

The bank accounts are done - the new checking and savings in their entirety, and old checking from January 1st to its end. One exciting thing about Quiicken is that you can keep credit card accounts on it, too. I'm putting this year's charges on it because some are tax-deductible medical expenses. That requires working from the credit card site to Quicken. No wonder my brain is fried.

I think you'd like the changes, and you'd like Quicken. I know you'd planned to switch over on January 1st this year, and life got in the way. So I'm doing it for you, six months later than planned. Nothing in the last year or so has gone as planned has it? I'm glad I couldn't see 2011 and 2012 before they happened. I may have run back and hid in the 1950s. Heaven help us!

Dog and I are off to bed. I conquered the cereal last night, to Jethro's great disappointment, and hope to do the same tonight.

Love you much,

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