Monday, June 4, 2012

The Dreaded Juicy Fruit Song

Dear John,

A short Monday at work - ran errands afterward - and I hate shopping these days! I never realized how much of the piped-in music in stores is old love songs. It's so hard to listen to when you're newly widowed. Occasionally I have to duck down an aisle alone somehere. So I came home tired and down, took a nap, and woke up rested and down. And as always, when I get really down the right person happens to call me.

Deb and Terry were traveling and called to share something with me. They had recently gone to a One Way House reunion, and there had been a hand-out of words to old songs. (Are we getting old enough to need the words handed out? That's scary!) Anyway, Deb said my favorite song was in there, and I knew what was coming. It was the dreaded Juicy Fruit Song.

I had to explain why we called it that - the tune was so similar to music that Juicy Fruit was using in a commercial in those days, and the theology was about as nutritious as Juicy Fruit. We so loathed that song! Terry said he was going to send me the words in case I'd forgotten them; I replied that I'd spent the last 30 years trying hard to forget them, thank you very much. So we all had a good laugh, and now I have the Juicy Fruit Song stuck in my head. I may have to go out to the car and get Robert Johnson so I can go to sleep. That song would probably give me nightmares. And, to paraphrase Thomas Merton: Is this really an improvement on Byzantine  chant?

I knew you'd love that. And you'd groan over the song with me, just like we used to. It hasn't improved with age. So let's hum Robert Johnson and be done with the wretched thing!

I love you so, so much - and all our years of shared jokes!

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