Monday, June 11, 2012

Heads, Hearts, and Address Labels

Dear John,

You know the weather has been hot when you think how much nicer and cooler it is, then find out that the temperature is 87. It will be much cooler tomorrow and there's a good chance of storms tonight. I'll have the Benadryl handy for Jethro. Poor creature - after this year with us, it's no wonder he's neurotic.

The bathroom flooded again last night - bailing was required. At least it was all done before midnight this time. I suppose that's an improvement. I hope to look at toilets Wednesday or Thursday. I miss having you here to wield the plunger, but am so glad you taught me how to use one.

My new address labels came today. We've gone for years using the free ones that come around Christmas. But between thank-you notes and medical bills, I only have a few left. So I got on VistaPrint and ordered some. I got three different kinds - one that's all business, one that's all fun, and one in between. I wish you could see them. You'd like them.

For some reason I've been sad and missing you all day. I know I'm way beyond tired so my emotional resistance is down. Between tea and toilets, I haven't had nearly enough sleep this week. And I'm having a fibro flare, probably also triggered by not getting enough sleep.

So shut up and go to bed, right? Every time you've been in the hospital,we talked on the phone at bedtime. It was so good to curl up in bed and talk to you. This is the closest I can get to that. So I hate to stop, no matter how tired I am. But I can still curl up in bed and talk to you! And if I get desperate to hear your voice, I have it on the answering machine. And in my head and heart.

Love you with all my heart, and all my head!

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