Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Husband's Worst Nightmare!

Dear John,

It will be a short note tonight because my hands are killing me. So is the rest of me. The end of my nose doesn't hurt a bit.

No, there's not a front coming through, but the fibro is in on it anyway.  I put the second desk together today and then hauled furniture all over the house. With all that hauling, it was necessary to vacuum and dust. So the dog had quite a day. While I was putting the desk together he crawled under the bed, and stayed there with just his nose sticking out. Smart creature - he could watch everything without getting stepped on. And he did his usual thing of attacking the vacuum cleaner. He's now out cold, sleeping it all off.

So next I'll get the office moved to the new desk in our bedroom. Then I can get Elyssa's room put together, which will involve great hauling of furniture up and down stairs. Be glad you're missing this - all this rearranging of furniture is a husband's worst nightmare, isn't it? Actually, I missed your muscle today, and your advice and opinion on the furniture arrangement. Actually, it may have been just you that I missed!

Crazy about you,

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