Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's Huddle Together to Keep Cool

Dear John,

My eyes feel and look better today. I got some work done organizing our room - it's been the general dumpling place for the last few weeks. It looks habitable now.

I worked inside all day. The temperature hit - get this - 107. The only reason any of us are still alive is that the humidity was only 45%. And 107 at 45% feels better than Durham did at 90 and 90%. Wretched climate there! I kept everything closed up tight today, including the garage, and turned the thermostat up to 78 to try to save some on electricity. This house is so well-insulated, thanks to Al. Even Jethro spent as little time as possible outside today. I got excited tonight when the weather alert radio went off, but the storms are all going south of us. You know it's a bad drought when you're happy to hear the weather radio go off.

I probably won't be coming to visit you for a week or so. The long-range forecast is for continued 90s, dry and sunny. We may soon be known as the Michiana Desert. I've given up on planting annuals in the window boxes this year. No matter how much I water them, sitting in full sun and full wind with the air this dry, they won't stand a chance. I'll see about putting something out in late summer or fall. Nobody's outside to see them, anyway.

That's all the news - 107 is enough news, I suppose. If you were here, we could huddle together and keep cool. :)

Love you so very much,

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