Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maggots and Burn Notice

Dear John,

It was another busy day off - I need to go back to work tomorrow to rest! I made a recycle run, took care of the maggots in the trash can (boy, do I miss you!), balanced the checkbook, put together a rolling file cabinet for my bedroom, got almost everything from the office put away, got the new printer set up, finished the paperwork for my items for the Topeka Quilt Show, and saw the first episode of Burn Notice for the new season. And I did remember to eat. I won't have everything done when the girls get here, but I'll have most of it. The office closet is the next big job to tackle. Most of it will go to the basement to be dealt with later.

I also made some phone calls. I got some bills today that had been submitted when Anthem was saying that you had died in January. I'm trying to call everybody that would be filing with them, to tell them that it is straightened out and they can re-submit. I opened a bill from Goshen Hospital today that was for over $155,000.00. I just stood there in the post office and laughed. Everybody I call is so apologetic and nice - they all say I don't need this stress right now. What I can't get anybody to understand is that it isn't stress, it's more like entertainment. It will get straightened out. The worst that can happen to me is filing for bankruptcy and losing the house. And compared to losing you, why on earth would I care about that? I'm amazed at how nice everybody is being. I just want them to get paid. (Who, me, have trust issues with health insurance companies?)

To sum up: The business end of things is fine. The house is slowly getting done. All the maggots are dead. Burn Notice was really good. I'm not stressing over any of this because I just don't care. I'm coasting through all of this.

So don't worry about me. You said when we got married that you had to marry somebody that wouldn't fall apart if they were left alone. You had that faith in me even when I didn't. I'm doing okay - I won't fall apart - and someday, I may even care. Right now, I just want to be with you.

Love you, want to be with you,

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