Sunday, June 24, 2012

NOW I Get What John Mellencamp Meant

Dear John,

I heard Jack and Dianne on the way to church this morning. And now I get it! You know - I've talked to you about that line, "long after the thrill of living is gone." I've told you that I wondered when in life that's supposed to happen, because it hadn't happened to me. Well, now it has - I finally get it. And that describes very well the way I feel. The thrill of living went away when you did. I didn't expect to have to be widowed to understand John Mellencamp!

Church was good, a lot of work, and typical for June: I was the only chanter in town this weekend, so Great Vespers and Orthros were done solo. Bless Steven and Samuel - they read psalms between Orthros and the Liturgy and gave my voice a break. People are being so nice to me, even though they will be happy when Brian gets back. Our little choir is doing very well. I got them together for a few minutes today to review the A-flat - a perennial problem. Tone 2 doesn't come easily in the West.

I forgot to tell you - I saw a hummingbird at the roses Friday morning. It was a beautiful teal color. I haven't looked it up yet to see what kind it was. They're such tiny little things, and so lovely. 

We have a break in the heat coming. It's been mid-90s all weekend and will drop to 50 tonight, mid-70s tomorrow. There's still been no rain. Please pray for rain for us. The corn is curled up and the grass is tan and crunchy.

And please pray for me. I love you so very much.

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