Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Footer is at our Heads!

Dear John,

I was so excited when I came to see you today, to see that our headstone footer is in! And I'm so glad it will be at our head and not our feet - it's a toss-up at Oak Ridge Cemetery. So our names will be on the right sides, and we will be on the right sides, and nobody will roll over and shove their wife out of bed onto the floor like happened on our wedding night! (Who knew then, that we'd still be laughing about it now?)

I wish I could have stayed longer, but I'd worked a long day and still had to go to Walmart. And it was hot in the sun there with you. In late summer I want to talk to the groundskeeper and see if I can plant a tree that would shade our spot a bit. We're in a newer area and there aren't any trees close by.

Oh, our garbage can finally fell apart after 17 years. The lid cracked, so the flies could get in, and I really don't care for maggots, and you're not here to take care of them for me, and I have to be a grown-up and do it myself. So I spent $12 for a nice new one today.

I wonder how it will feel to see my name on our headstone? I know it will be good to see it next to yours. Today I sat where I'll lie someday - I promised Jen I wouldn't dig. For now. :)

I love you, and I so look forward to lying down beside you someday!

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