Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pentecost and The Glades

Dear John,

It's Pentecost today. My voice is tired - there was lots of different music this morning, and Father and I did Orthros alone just like the old days. Actually, it was kind of fun. I haven't done Orthros alone in a long time. I really miss having you there at church, though. And tonight was one of those nights that the sun started going down and I stopped and thought: Now what time does John get off tonight?

The best news of the day is that the new season of The Glades started tonight. I'm sorry you didn't see it with me - it was a good show. Actually, you probably don't miss it at all, but I know you liked it, and I liked watching it with you. I'm still amazed that we liked the same television shows. We differed a bit on movies, though - I never did understand why you liked the Godzilla versus Megadeath movies. We both liked film noir, though - I remember watching Double Indemnity with you when you saw it the first time. "I never knew murder could smell like honeysuckle." Great line, great film.

I have the office about half moved into the bedroom - I'm writing to you on the bedroom desk tonight. After church I came home, ate lunch, and then - you guessed it - hauled furniture around. The dog gave up and went to sleep. I'm not nearly as sore tonight as last night. Just tired, and the dog's on the bed making complaining noises, so I guess we're off to bed.

Sleep well - I love you so, so much.

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