Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plumbing Problem Solved

Dear John,
We have new toilets! and they work! and I'm so happy!
Luke and Lacey came over today and we got both new toilets in. Charlie wants one of our old ones; the other will go to Habitat for Humanity. While they were here they went through all those books you and I were ready to get rid of, except the ones that are earmarked for Father to get first dibs on, and took a good number off our hands .  .  . and shelves, and boxes, and tables, and floor, and most flat surfaces in the basement. It will make it much easier to set up Elyssa's playroom. I know you're glad for Luke to have so many of your books. He'll enjoy and appreciate them.
We also got some time to sit around and talk, which was great. So I'm pondering the fact that so many of my friends are younger than I am. I'm very glad of that - I really enjoy my younger friends. The young people you worked with loved you, too. Either we aged well or just never matured. I probably shouldn't ask which. Either way, it's good to be relevant in their lives.

I've said a few times in Facebook comments lately that at my age, things that used to make you wierd and dangerous now make you endearingly eccentric. This is a great age to be. You can get by with more. I wonder if that increases with increasing age? I'll let you know!

Oh, Lacey said today that she had wanted you to be her godfather. I told her that you can pray for her even better now - that she has a good one in you.

Pray for me, too - for all of us. Love you so much!

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