Friday, June 8, 2012

Plumbing Problems

Dear John,

So, where were you last night when the toilet overflowed because I'm not as strong as you and couldn't push the plunger hard enough? Huh? I was all relaxed and headed off to bed early. The next thing I knew I was pulling towels out of the closet and trying to keep the dog from drinking the water. At least I got the bathroom floor scrubbed. But it was not my idea to be doing it at midnight.

The toilets are definitely the weak point of this house. Tonight on Facebook I put out an SOS - I need somebody to help me change these two toilets out for power-flush ones. I know how to do it, but carrying them around is a bit much for me. I miss your muscle!

And speaking of muscle, Elyssa's bed and chair arrived yesterday. I can't put them together until I get more furniture out of her room, and most of it is too big for me to take downstairs by myself. So for now the boxes are in the living room because there's no room anywhere else. I'll see if I can rope Jim into helping me on Saturday. I just need to borrow some testerone for a few days - then I'd be fine!

I'll apologize to you ahead of time: The house and flowerbeds will be a wreck when your family gets here tomorrow. There's too much stuff in transition right now. And Jethro is in the middle of his summer shed - yesterday his undercoat started coming out in big hunks. So the floors are hopeless. I could vacuum all day and it wouldn't look like I'd touched them. I'll do the best I can, but it's bound to be embarrassing - I'm sorry about it.

I miss you at unexpected times. Who would have thought about  missing your expertise with the plunger? I'm used to having you here; there are so many little ways that I depend on you. Something happens and I realize all over again that I'm on my own. The two became one flesh - we worked as a team without even realizing it. Now half of me is gone and I don't know how to live as half a person yet. But I do know that it would be easier with power flush toilets.

I'm off to bed now, hoping for no crises tonight. I love you.

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