Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Pox On Summer

Dear John,

I wish it was winter. Summer is making me miserable. First, there are Mother's Day and Father's Day to get through. I have no idea what I'll do with the town 4th of July celebration - I can't imagine missing the parade, but can't imagine going without you. Summer is supposed to be about celebration, vacation, and spending time with family. So here I am - miserable, going nowhere, and trying to get used to being alone. I don't fit into summer right now. Winter would be better - it's more solemn and solitary. Christmas will be a problem, but if I keep my focus on the Feast of the Nativity I'll be okay. Summer makes me sad. (you know - like the color yellow)

On a lighter note, get this: Dallas is coming back on TV. With the same cast. They look older, which must mean that I look older, too. What decade was that show, anyway? The 1980s? From the commercials it looks about the same. And Bobby still isn't dead.

I will take my summer miseries off to bed. Maybe I can sleep in until Fall - a sort of reverse hibernation. I miss you so much - wish I was with you instead of here. I wish I could go to sleep here and wake up there with you. Someday!

Until then, I love you and miss you, and am waiting for winter.

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