Friday, June 29, 2012

Rain & Incorrect Rotation

Dear John,

We finally got rain today, but not nearly enough. It dropped the temperature from 95 to 64, so the house is open. (I know - imagine that: me having the house open.) I was at Walmart when the rain started. I had my umbrella with me, but it felt so good walking in the rain that I never put it up. Jethro was howling when I got home - there was quite a bit of thunder and lightning - but calmed down as soon as he realized that one of his humans was home. Open windows won't last long; it's supposed to be in the mid-90s again tomorrow. Most of the fireworks have been delayed or cancelled because it's so dry. I worry about all the private fireworks, though.

I forgot to tell you: DeWayne was at the annual Central District Conference meeting last week at Normal. He told me that your death was announced and you were honored. So many people in CDC love you. (Of course they do, says your wife!) CDC was home to us for many years, and it means a lot to have them remember you that way.

There's one other news item, and you'll get a laugh out of this. Your headstone is up - that's not what's funny. Fred emailed me a photo of it, and they put it in backwards. I'll call him tomorrow. Only us! I'll keep you posted on my efforts to get it right.

Hoping to join you as soon as the headstone is facing us,

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