Tuesday, June 5, 2012

There's Probably a Chat Room for That

Dear John,

I've had a busy and productive day off. I spent the morning calling more medical providers and telling them the usual: Whatever it is, if Anthem denied payment you can resubmit it now, because after four weeks of phone calls they finally got the date of death corrected. It's been a nuisance but it's actually gone better than I expected. I have two places left to get in touch with and that should be it. Goshen Home Medical won their appeal and persuaded Anthem to pay for your home oxygen. Just one appeal is pending - the first heart cath in Indy. And since Methodist didn't pre-certify an inpatient procedure, they'll have to work that out between themselves.

Today I took bagel packs and thank-you notes to the hospital - to ICU (day and night shifts) and the Cancer Center (office and infusion room). It was good to see familiar people and places again. And I realized this morning that I still have ICU on speed dial; I suppose I really should change that.

I've told you that I have a hard time going to bed - nighttime is hard for me, without you. Muddy Waters said it well: Late in the evening I feel like going home; I woke up this morning and all I had was gone. It sounds better with the music. That's the great thing about blues - when something hurts, you know you're not alone. And neither am I - it seems common among widows to have trouble getting to bed. We all tend to be up in the wee hours of the morning. There's probably a chat room for that. But for now, I'll stick to playing Minesweeper and cuddling with the dog.

Love you so much - wish I was cuddling with you instead.

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