Friday, June 15, 2012

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Paperclip

Dear John,
Yep, we definitely need a bigger paperclip. I have an ever-growing stack labeled: Insurance Pending - Date of Death Problem.  Today I got a bill from IU Methodist because Anthem just took back $5500 that had paid them. So I spent 20 minutes on hold (during which time I left the Post Office parking lot and drove to Honeyville) listening to decent music and a very good occasional recorded message. When I got through the lady was very nice and apologetic, as they all have been, and it isn't their fault at all. Anyway, they'll join the crowd of facilities that are resubmitting their bills to Anthem, who must be getting a big enough headache from all of this that they're regretting their typo. I've heard so far of them taking back funds from 2 providers, so it seems that this will be a long, complicated haul. It's a good thing I have so many cell phone minutes.

And speaking of cell phones: I have a new project going. I have all of our text messages since March of 2011 on my phone. I'm word-processing them so I can't lose them if something happens to the phone. Tonight I got to early May 2011. It's wonderful and heartbreaking to read them, but mostly wonderful in early 2011. Most of it was my play-by-play of the NCAA tournament games. Your messages are so tender and gentle, no matter what you're talking about. And both of us end every message saying "I love you." The way that we never took each other for granted shows so clearly in those texts. They're sweet and funny, and totally us. I'm so thankful to have them! When I read them I hear your voice, just like I did the first time I read them.

Thank you for sending them. And thank you for the character and the feelings for me that show in them - for having them and for showing them. This project will get harder as I get toward the end of them. I know that there will be some bad times. But it's worth it to hear your voice, and to preserve your words so I can't lose them. Our grandparents kept letters - we type out our text messages. It's all the same, isn't it? Either way, it's how we say "I love you."

And I do love you. From the day I met you until eternity. Sleep well tonight. I love you with all my heart.

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