Friday, July 20, 2012

Driving in the Dark

Dear John,

I just got home, so it will be a short note tonight! I was at Kathy's year-end awards celebration. It was good to see people again and to be able to put faces with names of some consultants I hadn't met before.

Driving home tonight was also good. It was cool  enough to have the windows down, and everything smelled so good. I was thinking about it, and I'm not sure when I last drove after dark. Of course, it's light so late this time of year, especially since we go to Daylight Stupid Time now. But when you were in the hospital I tried to get home before dark because of the dog. It may be that the last time I drove when it was completely dark was in Indy last winter. I do love the county roads in the middle of the night. This is such a beautiful place to live. Thank you again for bringing me here.

I'm off to bed while I can still get there! I love you so, so much.

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