Thursday, July 19, 2012

It Rained & Anthem Paid Up

Dear John,

I know I'm hours earlier than usual, but I had things to tell you that couldn't wait.

First, it finally rained. It started this morning. We had several hours of good, gentle, steady rain - Weatherbug says we got about 2 inches here. Jethro was funny - he hasn't heard rain in so long that the sound of it beating on the house scared him a little. He woke me up, then wanted to cuddle, then sat on my head for a while, and ended up sitting on the pillow by my head looking for all the world like he was standing guard over me. The German Shepherd in him comes out in the most interesting ways. So I was amply protected from the rain falling on the roof this morning - aren't you happy to know that?

Second, I've been making phone calls all day. I'm tying up loose ends, making sure Anthem has paid everybody. Two groups are waiting for their re-submitted bills to be processed, one person I haven't been able to get hold of, and the rest have been paid in full. Evidently the cardiology department at Methodist prevailed - Anthem seems to have paid for that first heart cath after all. So we're in good shape on the medical bills.

That's all - I just had to tell you both of those things. The way I used to call you at work when I was really excited about something. Oh, and "Kill Screen" ended the usual way last night - it was great.

Love you bunches,

PS - I wanted to tell you that we just got some sprinkles later in the day, and a very good new episode of Burn Notice at 9 PM. And I finished the first posthumous cap for the cancer center patients, and it felt good to be back in the saddle again. I was making 3-4 a month for them, then you went to Indy and I was making 1-2 a day there, with nothing else to do. I'm just getting back into the rhythm of making them; tell Micah that there will be many many more to come.

Love you - sleep well tonight! *kiss * snuggle* smile*

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