Sunday, July 22, 2012

On Being Ringless

Dear John,

It's a cloudy, sleepy Sunday afternoon. I so wish the clouds would put out some rain. The local radar shows us as dark green, but whatever it thinks is coming down isn't making it down this far.

First, I found out this morning that I still have the music next week. The choir is bearing up very well under it. I was hoarse all weekend, I think from Friday night, so they sang on their own for most of this morning's Liturgy.

I've been meaning to tell you and keep forgetting - I had to take my wedding band off. I woke up Thursday morning and it was gone. I turned the bedroom and bathroom upside down, even took the sink trap apart. (didn't find it there, but what I did find was very interesting) I finally found the ring on the floor beside the bed. It had fallen off during the night. I've lost enough weight that it won't stay on, and I can't risk losing it. So it's in the jewelry box.

I feel rather naked without it. This is the first time that finger has been bare since I got my high school ring. My hand looks so funny, and there's a dent in my finger that may be permanent. I plan on taking my engagement ring and getting a different stone put in it, and wearing it on another finger. But I'll have to wait a bit. I'm in the black for July, but won't be if I do that right now.

That's all the news. I could just sit and chat with you for hours, you know. Please keep praying for me, as I do for you. Love you hugely,

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