Monday, July 23, 2012

The Humidididity Did It

Dear John,

I'm mildewed. The humidididity did it.

It rained this morning, then came the thunder and lightening (very very frightening, according to Jethro). Then the sun came out, the temperature went up to 95, and we all got a steam bath.

I wouldn't be so mildewed except that I wanted to come see you and bring you ice cream, I got caught by a 15-minute train, and I had to go grocery shopping (we were out of milk and Cheerios). So I'm a wet, sweaty, stinky mess. Jethro thinks I smell fascinating - it's probably not a good thing when your dog is that interested in how you smell.

Anyway, I'm heading for the shower. I can't face dinner until after I get cleaned up a bit. But I had a nice time visiting with you, as always. And I sat through the train listening to my Son House CD and reading the liner notes, so I was quite busy and happy.

Love you big, huge bunches,


  1. I hope it is ok to comment on your private conversations with John. I am touched by your peace and blessed by your example as always. I am afraid I haven't always been so serene throughout my journey; I guess that's just a nod to our different temperaments. Who knew when we met, with our sweet "boys", our fates would be so similar. I do so want to get together with you, and I do plan to call. Something has always come up, and I know partly it is a hesitancy to open up wounds. I will, though. Soon. Please call whenever you like. You know you are always, always welcome. Love you. Becky

  2. I LOVE geting comments! And you know John has always loved hearing from you. As to the serenity, I've been watching this coming since we were all 19. And it's not always serene. It's just that I've always had a huge capacity for pain.

    I understand the hesitancy. Seriously, if you're awake in the middle of the night, call me! I've had no biorhythms for years after working all kind of shifts, and now with fibro I don't know day from night. I have a high school friend that has a cleaning business - she generally calls me around 1 AM and we have a great time. Take care of yourself!