Monday, July 30, 2012

There's a Lump in My Heart Tonight

Dear John,

It's been a long, uncomfortable day. I woke up missing you and I felt all day like I had a lump in my heart. Sometimes I don't know why a day is hard. I went to work, and worked 7 1/2 hours without taking a break. I came home, and the lump is still there. I feel like picking a fight with somebody then crying myself to sleep. Don't worry - I probably won't do either one. I really am a grown-up. So I will control all these emotions and not injure any innocent bystanders. Maybe part of it is that all three of us seem to have a viral sinus infection of some sort. Maybe part is that Kathy's gone this week so I was by myself all day.

.  .  .

Okay, this is bad. I just got up to let the dog in, so the laptop went to screen saver. It's set to put up random photos from the Family Photos file. And I've been sitting here looking at pictures of you - with and without hair - and crying. It's time to quit this and go to bed. Please pray for me tonight. I'm not sure what I need (other than you), but you and the Lord can take care of that part. I just need your prayers tonight, since I can't have your arms around me.

Love you more than life,

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