Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Trouble with My Drawers

Dear John,

I'm having trouble with my drawers. You know you always had the top drawer in the chest, since you're taller. Well, after 34 years of getting my undies out of the second drawer, I keep going to that one. And finding socks. It's not surprising since my things were in the second drawer for so many years. I wonder how long it will take me to remember to open the top one. If it takes too long, I might just give up and put sheets in the top drawer and move my things back to the second drawer. Then I won't have to think about the reason I moved them. That might be the best thing to do. I'll keep you posted on the latest drawer news.

It was over 100 again today. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be in the 80s - we'll all freeze to death. After so many days over 100, the 80s will feel cool. It will be a welcome break. But there's still no rain in the forecast.

Please pray for rain for all of us. And for Jethro and me. Love you great, huge bunches,

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