Friday, August 31, 2012

My Political Moratorium

Dear John,
It's an election year. As of today, I'm on a Facebook political moratorium. I have friends of several political persuasions, and some are being very vocal and forceful about their opinions. All of them probably think I agree with them - after all, they are my friends. And few or none of them are seeing each other's postings. I've had it with the nastiness, the shouting, and the general uproar on Facebook. As of today, I'm not reading any posts that are political. So there. And I'm not talking about my own opinion, either - I don't want to lose friends over this. (Look! It's me, keeping my mouth shut! Quick, take a picture!)
The television commercials are picking up, too. That's the real reason God made Netflix - I can watch TV with no political announcements. I seldom listen to the radio. The only magazine I subscribe to is The Orthodox Word - the latest issue has lots to do with the politics of being an Orthodox priest in 1918 Russia, but nobody gets angry and shouts about it. Martyrdom isn't politial for the martyrs; it isn't a political theory that they choose to die for.
So I am trying to maintain a small bubble of calm where there is no bloodshed over this election. I envy you, being where such things are probably completely irrelevant. After all, you are with the One Who is really in charge. Living with you was so easy. We usually agreed on politics, and when we didn't we knew that our relationship was much more important than any election. In the end, it's people that are important.
Thanks for listening to me rant. I needed that. Please pray for all of us. I love you bunches,

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