Saturday, August 25, 2012

On the Sacrament of Marriage and Neil Young in Orbit

Dear John,
I'm really too old to have two consecutive nights with less than 5 hours sleep. I kept falling asleep all day but never got to take a real nap. So I'm off to bed early, and up early for church tomorrow. We'll be having memorial prayers for Fr. Peter and Fr. George - I can't believe it's been a year since Fr. George's death. Since they're with you, please hug Fr. George for me. I do love him dearly.
Neil Armstrong died today. He was in his 80s, and you know what that means - I must not be young anymore, either. His death is sad, but I have to chuckle a bit. When the news first broke they announced the death of "Astronaut Neil Young." There is great speculation on Facebook about whether Neil Young has ever actually orbited anything, and if so, whether it was on a horse with no name.
Josh and Brandy will have a crowning ceremony tomorrow, since they weren't Orthodox when they married. I never thought about doing that. Of course, we'd been married for much longer when we became Orthodox, and weren't having children. I can easily see why they are having it; I just wonder why we never thought about it. I think our understanding of marriage was always sacramental. I don't know where we got it, but we always believed that something was being done to us, that God was fundamentally altering both of us and the two were becoming one flesh in a very real way. That's one reason we worked so hard to have the traditional wedding vows - it wasn't an option then, but we wanted it and we got it. I wanted to make those promises to you, and trusted that God's grace would be sufficient for us both. Yep - sacramental understanding. And it does help to be marrying the world's only perfect man.

So say hello to Fr. Peter for me, and hug Fr. George. And please ask them both to pray for me, now and always. You're with so many people I love! It occurs to me that you've met the three grandparents I never got to. Tell them I love them, and thank them for all they passed on to me. Oh, and give Ray my love, too, and tell him how sorry I am that he died in such a difficult way.

And know I love you, now and always, and am still one flesh with you.

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