Thursday, August 2, 2012

Way to Old to Hold Hands

Dear John,

It's been a good and strange and busy and unplanned day. Whee!

I subbed for Kathy at BNI this morning. The good news is that I've found someone we can call when Tim isn't available, for the same sort of things. That's a load off my mind.

From Maplecrest I went to the Cancer Treatment Center to turn in some new caps for the infusion room, and talk to at least one of the Kims. So I had a good talk with Kim 2.Then I came home and mowed, with assistance from Prednisone. It's been so dry that the mower is putting out great clouds of dust along with the grass clippings, and heaven knows what's in that dust. Then I watched a Burn Notice marathon on USA, while drinking Gatorade and sweating profusely. I am now clean and respectable-smelling. And ready for bed. I've been up since 5:20; the new Burn Notice episode aired at 9; now I can get ready for bed. Jethro seems ready, too - Elyssa and I went out this evening and threw his ball for him until he decided to stop. We have a sleepy puppy.

I'm the last one awake here, so off to bed I go. I love you so much - I know you know that, but every time I see people that took care of you this past year, they all talk about how much we love each other. (Well, when we were 25 Mama SAID we were too old to hold hands in public. We never listened, though.) The way we've always felt about each other seems to have a lot of meaning for a lot of people. Considering the current divorce rate, I suppose they haven't seen couples like us that often. And they are more concerned about how I'm doing because they know how much I miss you. If our marriage had to be remarkable for something, I'm glad it was that we loved each other so much.

So now, may your death - and my life - be remarkable for how much we love each other! I'll say it loud: I love you, adore you, and worship the ground you walk on. So there. And I'd still be holding hands with you if I could.

Save your hands for me! Love you so very, very much,

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