Friday, August 17, 2012

Tell Me Anything You Want To!

Dear John,

It was a busy day, and one of the very few in my life that I can say that I pushed my body to its absolute limit. I spent 5 hours working in the flower beds. Of course, it's been over a year since they got much attention. They were in good shape in May of 2011. Then I broke my collar bone, you went into the hospital, and the yard moved to the bottom of the priority list. And this spring there was no way I was going to miss spending time with you to do gardening. I finally got to it today. I pruned the boxwoods and roses, and gave everything else a general cleaning-out. The only thing left to do is trim the shrubs under the bedroom windows.

So I'm tired and sore. I hope I'm tired enough to sleep tonight. I've had two nights this week that I was awake until 3 AM. I'm still thinking there must be a chatroom for widows who can't sleep - after all, there are so many of us. The dog was quite exasperated with me last night.

So I'm off to bed to try again to sleep. As tired as I am, it should come easier tonight. If not, could you come and tell me about simultaneous chess matches? Aw heck - just come anyway, and tell me about anything you want to!

I love you, I miss you. Always your wife,

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