Monday, August 20, 2012

Theology, the Vega, and 8-Track Tapes

Dear John,

Something struck me at church yesterday. During the baptism procession I ended up standing on the south side of the baptismal pool (our horse trough), and realized it was the same place I stood when I said goodby to you before your coffin was sealed for burial. And it struck me that the only things that sit in that position in the church are coffins and the baptismal pool.

And theologically, that is good and right. We are baptized into Christ's death so that we can share also in His resurrection. In baptism we die to sin and are made alive to righteousness. Baptism is our first death, physical death our second. It's right that the two share the same space in the church.

It's not surprising that the Early Church got things right. It's just that I keep finding new layers of rightness. I could live 100 years (Heaven forbid!) and never begin to get my head around all of the Truth contained in the Church. And that is also good and right, because Truth is a Person, not a list of doctrinal statements, and we can never completely know and understand a human person, much less one Person of the Holy Trinity.

Well, enough theologizing. If we were at Wendy's we'd shock Marcus again. I don't know why he doubted me when I said we discussed theology while we ate. Whatever do normal people talk about? I can't imagine. You and I talked theology from the beginning - that's what I first fell in love with. That, and your stereo with an 8-track tape player and quadraphonic speakers. It sure wasn't that lemon-yellow Vega.

Now there's nobody for me to discuss theology with. So I'll just have to save all my thoughts until we can talk to each other. Hurry the day!

Love you so much,

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