Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Throats & Taxes

Dear John,

I met with Michael today about the taxes. It turns out that for 2011 I can claim milege between here and Kathy's house, since she's hiring me as an independent contractor and not an employee. It adds up to enough to get me back $100 or so on last year's taxes, which will be great. (All contributions accepted.) So I'm tracking work mileage for 2012 taxes. Did you know mileage will go up to $0.55 1/2 for this year? That's a long way from when we started tracking it. Of course, gas prices have come a long way since then, too. We talked through all my questions and made some plans, so that loose end is tied up. Evidently I'll get some breaks, after being widowed part-way through the year. I'm so glad to have a CPA that I know and trust. I have a wonderful infrastructure.

After I got home I called Joe's office, and have an appointment tomorrow to get my throat looked at. It hurts terribly, has red stripes on it, is swollen enough that it's hard to swallow, and is affecting my ears in both hearing and balance. And systemically I feel awful - that highly technical medical term. My temperature went over 100 today. So I'm on aspirin and Chloraceptic. I finally hurt so bad all over that I took Percocet too, and am feeling a bit more human. I came to bed at 6:00 and have been watching Netflix on the Kindle.

As usual, when I feel bad I miss you even more than I normally do. I could lie down with my head on your shoulder and instantly feel better. I miss your touch, your voice, your long arms, your kindness, all the things you'd do for me when I was sick - I just miss you. I can't wait to be with you again, where there is no sickness or pain. Please save a place for me, and pray for me that I will someday fill it. Always, please pray for me.

Love you so, so much,

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