Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Unexpected Kindness

Dear John,
It's been a beautiful day, with warmer weather is coming over the weekend. But "warmer" here means 87, not 107, so I think we can deal with it. We've had a good bit of rain lately so everything is green again. The down-side is that the grass is growing.
I was clearing out old emails today, and found the one from Fred telling me the headstone was finished and in place. So I sent him a short note thanking him for his work and telling him how much I love the stone and how happy it makes me to look at it. I got a note back from him today thanking me, and saying he seldom sees or hears from people after the stone is ordered.
I can imagine that - not many patients come back to visit critical care units, either. Both places remind folks of events they'd rather forget. But you can't really forget, and it helps so much to remember the people who were kind to you along the way. And since we both spent all of our lives in service jobs, we know how much kindness in return can mean. (Most people don't wax poetic over gray granite, either - it's a Southern thing.)
So many people were kind to us those last three months, especially at Goshen Hospital and at Methodist in Indy. And since then I've been treated with nothing but kindness, and from some of most unexpected places. You don't expect it at the Social Security Office, from credit unions where you have credit life on your loan, or - Heaven help us - from insurance companies! But widowhood unites all women, either in sharing or dreading the experience.
So I'm comforted and supported by all this unexpected, undeserved kindness. And it makes me feel good to return some of it. I hope I gave Fred a smile - it's not a job with a lot of smiles. We could all use a few more!
Love you, adore you, and worship the ground you walk on,

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