Monday, September 17, 2012

All of This Was Caused by Deb & Terry's Wedding

Dear John,
The snack last night helped my tummy some, but it was a very strange night. I went to sleep at 10:30, and the dog woke me up at 11:30 wanting to go out. While he was outside I thought I'd check Facebook. I'm glad I did - on Deb Cooney's post for their anniversary, I ran into Christy. I was so glad to see her there! We got to chatting, and she hadn't heard about your death. I spent nearly an our trying to tell her what had happened, but no matter how much I condensed it my Facebook page kept crashing. (See, you really are information overload. This is why I carried copies of your medical history in my purse.) She sent me her email address, and tonight I emailed her the as-short-as-I-can-make-it account of the last year or so. The email was massive, and I didn't even mention my accident. The last couple of years have been ridiculous. It was lovely to be writing to another nurse - I could use all the big words and little abbreviations.
She was so sorry to hear about it. I do hope that you finally realize how much people loved you. I tried so hard to get that across to you. At least you finally understood how much I love you, and that was the most important thing. To me, anyway. I remember talking to Father when we were making the funeral plans. When it came to planning the meal, I told him to triple his original estimate of the number of people we'd be feeding. I also had the funeral home triple the visitation hours they'd planned. And we were right on the nose with food, and the viewing ran over quite a bit. I really do hope you finally get it - people love you. You're lovable, much more than I am. And with all the vistors you get now at the cemetery, I expect you finally understand.
But back to the subject: I told Chisty about my blogs, that she could find all the information as it happened on them. I pulled up There's a Cow On The Porch  and started reading it, and couldn't stop. I read the whole thing - not a good thing to do at 1 am - and didn't get back to sleep until after 4 and some Benadryl. It was amazing to read our at-the-time perception of things. And there were incidents that I'd forgotten about. I'm glad I did it. But I was awake until after 4 and woke up before 7. So I slept 1 hour, was up 4 1/2, then slept 3 hours.
It's no wonder I'm crabby today. (This is your official warning: I am impatient and irritable.) But I'm off work tomorrow, so I can sleep in. And I can't go anywhere because the car is in for an oil change. I will try to behave better tonight. But I still think last night was worth it, so there. Please pray for me, and for Christy too.
Love you so much,

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