Saturday, September 22, 2012

Being Anal With the Back of My Head

Dear John,
Jethro and I had a lovely, quiet first full day of fall. Well, he'd say it wasn't all so quiet. We had some scattered thunderstorms and he was a mess - trembling all over, in my lap, both of my arms around him. He's usually not so bothered by thunder in daylight hours. I don't know what his problem was today. But he's fine now, and sound asleep on his usual spot on the bed. I'm in my usual spot with the laptop. The windows are open just a few inches, the dishwasher is on, laundry is done - a nice, domestic day.
Watching football is odd now - I have no problem watching pro ball, but college is a bit difficult. Maybe it's because you liked college football better. I just know that when I watch college football I'm very aware that you're not here watching it with me. It makes no sense, does it? Maybe it's because it was college ball we were watching at UK before we were married. And maybe my understanding isn't really necessary.
It's me - I've always wanted the back of my head to be neat and well-organized, with everything in its proper place. You put up with that so graciously! Actually, you put up with me so graciously. Thank you for loving me just as I am, not trying to make me fit into any mold, giving me the freedom to grow and change - thank you for being you. I really do adore you, you know.
Love you, adore you. Rest well tonight!

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