Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ducky Didn't Die

Dear John,
I'm baaack! You thought you were going to get by without an evening letter, didn't you? I can't go to sleep without talking to you first. That's why, when you were out of town or in the hospital, we always talked at bedtime. So here I am!
The new NCIS season started tonight - Ducky didn't die, which is a great relief to all of us out here. Nobody died except the bad guy. Even Bert came through alright. The episode left all kinds of bread crumbs to be picked up later, so it should be a good year. Now the only thing to wait for is the return of Burn Notice in November. I can't imagine how they're all going to get back from Panama.
The other thing of note is that another cath lab job was posted this afternoon. So I'll find out if I need to re-submit my application, or if I'm in the pot already.
I finally got through to Verizon today - their phones have been overwhelmed since the new I-phone came out. I'd gotten a bill dated in August for your phone; I had the phone turned off, the account closed, and a new account opened in my name on April 27th, the day I got the death certificates. Those minutes from August were taken off, leaving me with a $5-something bill for text minutes on my phone in March, that hadn't been billed for some unknown reason. So calling saved me $15. This is the second bill we've gotten on your phone after it was turned off - I hope it's the end of that.
Of course, I still have some medical bills pending settlement. Most are delayed because of the date-of-death issue, one because RiverCrest still hasn't turned in the paperwork to show that you needed the ventilator when you had your leg veins looked at. I really do expect the medical bills to take over a year to get straightened out. And that's fine. There are so many billing entities involved that I'm surprised it's going as well as it is.
We just can't do things the easy way, can we? I mean, we never did, so why start now? Our medical adventures always led to financial ones. We just missed the law that would have closed the loophole, or just missed qualifying for something that would have helped - we have to be complicated. And we've always lived outside the box, sometimes not even in the same area code as the box. I enjoyed being with you, no matter where the box was!
Love you so very much,

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