Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flannel Sheets Tonight

Dear John,
It's another sign of fall - today I washed and put away the cotton sheets and summer blanket, and put the winter blanket and flannel sheets on the bed. If it's going to go below 40 at night, it's time. I remember when we bought the flannel sheets - we got them for $30 for the set, and this will be their 4th year. This deal keeps getting better and better.
I'll miss you between them tonight. Every year when we first put them on, we'd lie awake for a long time talking about how good they felt. The dog doesn't seem to care much. I'll miss having you to snuggle with, and to talk to about how good it feels to snuggle between the flannel sheets.
Another sign of fall - the mold count is starting to bother my asthma. I was up a couple of hours in the middle of last night, coughing and wheezing. So tonight I got out my inhaler - I'll use it until the first frost. I'm thankful that I only need it for a few weeks a year.
Well, I'm off to wash my face and then try out the flannel sheets. Oh, how I wish you were going to be in bed with me tonight!
Love you more than life,

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