Saturday, September 15, 2012

Football, Divine Revelation, and the Perfect Man

Dear John,
It's a cool, lovely Saturday evening. USA is showing an NCIS "Staying Alive" marathon. The first episode was "SWAK" - one of my favorites. You don't get to watch Gibbs shoot up computers like "End Game," but it's good.
I intended to go to church tonight, but fell asleep for two solid hours. I must have needed the rest. I also planned to watch UK and Western on TV tonight, but couldn't stick with it. The game is at Commonwealth. I went to three years of games there, and went to all of them with you. Seeing the place hurt too much. I know - I can hear you saying that watching UK play football can be painful under any circumstances, and you're right. We're definitely a basketball school. Going to games was fun because I was there with you.
I remember our first game - our first date, but we didn't know at the time that it was a date. I'd just said I wanted to go to the game but didn't have anybody to go with; you were in the same boat, so you suggested we go together. Walking to the stadium, halfway across the soccer field, the Lord tapped me on the shoulder and said, "You're going to marry him." I said, "Say what?" He said, "You heard me." I looked over at you, and thought, "Yes. I can do that." And it was all settled as far as I was concerned. You figured it out a year or so later. But it was necessary for me to know it then, so that when an old boyfriend wanted to get back together I said no. Otherwise I would have gone back with him. As much alike as the two of you are, I'm so thankful that I ended up with you. He's definitely John 1.0.
And you were so kind at the game. I remember the first play - you started explaining to me about downs. When I said that they ran a really great screen play, I waited to see if you would be upset that I knew football. (After all, I grew up in SEC country.) You were glad, because we could really watch the game together, both of us understanding what was happening. I always did learn more about football from you - it was you that explained the West Coast Offense to me. But that moment was when I understood that you wanted an equal, not a subordinate, and that you didn't have a male ego that I'd have to tiptoe around.
Bless you, you're wonderful! You really are the world's only perfect man. And as I always told you, that doesn't mean you don't have faults. If you didn't have faults you wouldn't be perfect, just annoying. You're not annoying. You're wonderful. I adore you. I miss you. No football is the same without you, but I'm definitely not ready to watch UK yet. I have to get a grip and work on this, because basketball season isn't that far away. UK football I can stand to miss, but not basketball.
So please pray for me - that I'll be able to enjoy the things I used to enjoy with you - that those things will someday make me happy and not sad. I know you don't want me to be sad. And I know I'm being normal. As you're thinking right now - this is hard because I'm not used to being normal.
You adoring, abnormal wife,

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